The walls of the mind

A wall of silence, falls and crushes all thoughts
Slamming against the words waiting to get out
Crawling, scrabbling, wanting to be heard, unable to break free.
A wall of words, crashes against the soul
An assault of the worst kind
Destructive words, words that crumble
Words that shatter and scream, deafening the senses.
A wall of nothing, an invisible barrier,
preventing the inside voices from escaping.
A shield, a forcefield with evil intentions.
A basement of confusion, struggling with reality.

forgottonspirit (29.11.15)

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The darkness within

Shadows fall over the soul
like a curtain to black out the sun
like a blindfold to conceal the truth
like an umbrella to shield from the storm.

Darkness beats in the heart
drumming along to the tune of despair
like heavy footsteps against the world
like raindrops on a broken dreams.

Misery calls out in the night
like a ghost haunting the darkness
like a mountain after a landslide
like a boat lost at sea.

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The broken smile

A smile, half cracked by broken dreams and destroyed by unhappiness.
A whisper of delusion; an empty rose on a shattered window sill.
A beautiful disaster of endless wandering; an unfulfilled wish desperate to break free.
A miracle of blackness; a tragic passion of deadly justice, a lack of peace.
A rain of undetermined wonder; a puddle of endless longing, a destiny of frozen shadows.
A notion of wilted responsibilities; a diamond of dark intentions unable to breathe.
A firefly of gloom and disaster; a hole of crimson tears drowning in deafening silence.

forgottonspirit (28.11.15)

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Abominable sorrow

Endless whispers break against the walls of the heart, flow against the rivers of the soul. A peaceful place, burdened by unimaginable sorrow, protected by a maze of dead ends and twisting thorns. Continue reading

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Those dreams, the ones that haunt your sleep
bring your soul back down to earth
leave you breathless
make you weep. Continue reading

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A purple ribbon

Life is beautifully dark;
a tragic monopoly of swirling emotions and glistening shadows.
A murderous lullaby of sweet sorrow,
stalking the moon and the stars. Continue reading

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untitled story continued – chapter two

Chapter 2

The darkness surrounded her; it was never ending as if nothing else existed in the world except blackness. The dripping had long ago ceased and it had been replaced with an eerie silence. Continue reading

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