The storm of the soul

Rain, falling like a persistent memory,

drumming against the confines

of forgotten dreams.

Thunder, rumbles louder than the average storm

drowning out the roaring

of distant failures.

Lightning, flashes like lies in the gloom

blinding every sense

to the cruelty of the world.

forgottonspirit (08.08.2015)

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The greyscale canvas

The permanent darkness closes in

surrounding the light

devouring it in shadows.

The shades of despair covering

 the colour of reality

in a cloak of blackness.

The bittersweet romance

between sadness and joy

depicted in a greyscale canvas.

A palette of depression

painting the storm clouds

thundering overhead.

forgottonspirit (07.08.2015)

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The darkness of a rainbow

The air is choking, suffocating
Nonsense, fractures of humanity;
margins of delusion
the beauty of a nightmare;
twisting and unravelling, with no end in sight.

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Natural devastation

Earthquakes shatter your dreams; unsettle your delicate mind.

The floor beneath your feet trembles and crumbles, a safe place you struggle to find.

Tsunamis wash over your heart, drowning your hopes and your fears.

The waves swirl and destroy your intentions, lost in a tsunami of tears. Continue reading

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My heart cries a million tears,

but not all of them are for you.

It weeps for what might have been

and all the things we planned to do. Continue reading

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A nameless fear

It exists, but only in shadows.

A nameless fear, but never a truth.

A forgotton wish, an unspoken temptation.

An undeniable pain, an inescapable curse.

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untitled story – continued Chapter One – part 2

PC Sam Hawkins had never seen so much blood before. It was everywhere. Even places you could never imagine blood to be able to reach. His stomach churned, unsettled by what he had seen. Hawkins closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. He needed to remain professional, objective, unemotional; but sometimes it was just too hard. Especially when faced with a scene like the one in Jubilee Park.

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